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Comprehension Playbook Resources

View Pre-Conference Videos

Advance Beyond Doing Reading to Teaching Reading

56 minutes

56 minutes

56 minutes

61 minutes

60 minutes

Plan a Day 3 led by coaches &/or administrators

After attending/viewing CompCON as a team or staff, take time to digest, discuss, and then dig in.

Organize texts to fit with Playbook lessons

Elizabeth Ordonez uses one passage for many skills.

Elizabeth organized all basal passages in 90 minutes.

Cortney Moreno organized her texts into 3-week cycles.

Launch the year reading texts for future “plays.”

Laura Schreiber explains how to use the basal passages as You-do practice of previously taught skills.

Consider postponing the You-do application of a new skill.

Simple summaries of popular picture books & fairytales.
Google Sheets

Simple and sophisticated summaries of short stories & video shorts. Google Sheets

Provide direct instruction

Execute mini-lessons in 4 steps.

Mini-Lesson Planner
PDF | Google Slide

Establish I-do and We-do procedures

Teach comprehension standards

Organize digital resources within a Google Drive

Organize the Playbook digital resources as you download items into your Google Drive.

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