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Set the foundation with story elements

Recognize and recall key details from the text.


Character | Person

Character | Object

Character | Animal

Motivation | Want

Motivation | Wish

Problem | Conflict

Rising Action




Simple summaries of popular picture books & fairytales.
PDF | Google Sheets

Simple and sophisticated summaries of short stories & video shorts. Google Sheets

First, target the plot!

Teacher Resource | Focus on the types
of problems & solutions.

Teacher Resource | Connect story elements to plot exposition map.

Teacher Resource | Introduce subplots
with colored icons.

Second, analyze characters.

Teacher Resources | Authors provide explicit details when developing characters.
Authors provide more than a when and where in settings.

Clarify character description (LOOK) from character development (DO, SAY, THINK & FEEL).

Character Template

Informational Text
Individual Template

Teacher Resource

Jamboard | Example

After learning how to infer character traits in Round 2/Retell Literature, first graders learned how to write out their inferences with text evidence.

Track a character’s development across the entire text.

Record what a character does, says, thinks, and feels
PDF | 3 Boxes | 5 Boxes | 9 boxes
Jamboard | 3 Boxes | 5 Boxes | 9 Boxes

After explicit instruction on individual story elements during lessons, then “scrimmage”
with these text-dependent questions in your whole-class read alouds and shared texts.