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Generate a narrative response

Expose students to four types of narrative-writing tasks that are all rooted in reading.

Comprehend the original story.

Continue the story following a similar plot.

Continue the story.

Continue the Story | Example

Rewrite the story from a different perspective.

Reveal mentor text to reveal the SAME PLOT told from a different character’s point of view.

Rewrite narratives from a different character’s perspective.

Rewrite narrative perspective. | Template

Prewrite POV | Prewrite ExampleTemplate

Rewrite the POV | Example

Insert a missing part or page.

Insert the missing page | Primary Template

Insert the missing part | Example

We Forgot Brock

Write fiction based on fact.

Excerpt | Read & Succeed Levels 1-6

Garbage-Patch Facts Collected | Template

Fiction based on Fact | Example