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Developing a Reading Road Map for Teaching Comprehension


See Comprehension Strategies in the Standards

Start with the reading standards

Identify 7-12 Target Skills for Comprehension

Prioritize comprehension instruction

Recognize the embedded comprehension strategies.

Identify the subskills per comprehension strategy.

Identify 7-12 comprehension skills.

Teach a Skill Across the Year

Spiral through the 3 levels of instruction

Comprehend Road Maps are now included in The Comprehension Playbook!

Plan Skill Instruction, then Choose Texts

36-Week Planning Template
Word document | Google Doc

Identify texts for each level of the instructional scaffold.

Shift focus from novels to standards

Manage time in the secondary classroom

Start up & Launch the Reader’s Workshop

Establish procedures

Code new information learned across texts.
Lesson Resources
PDF | Smartboard

Define the range of reading

Define readers as thinkers