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Essential Lessons to Accelerate Student Writing



Target essential skills

Plan narrative-writing experiences.

Narrative writing has a place in the ELA standards and in the real world.

Define the shape of stories

Clarify story versus description.

Introduce Setup, Mix-up, Fix-up and provide writing templates for primary students.

Identify the planning tool your students are most familiar with.

Ride the Story Plot
PDF | Jamboard

3-Box:  PDF Jamboard
5-Box:  PDF  |  Jamboard
9-Box:  PDF  |  Jamboard

Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then
PDF  | Google Slide | Jamboard

Start with the middle

Plan the character’s problem and solution.

Plan the beginning last

Orient the reader with a beginning.

Provide only the most essential character and setting details.

GRADE 3 | View the complete mini-lesson and follow-up activity.

Generate narrative-writing tasks

Move beyond personal narratives.

Expose students to four types of narrative-writing tasks that are all rooted in reading.

Comprehend the original text.

Continue the story following a similar plot.

Rewrite the same basic plot.

Rewrite the story from a different perspective.

Fractured Fairy Tales for Rewrite from a different point of view

After the Fall for Continue the story |
We Forgot Brock for Insert the Missing Page

Experiment with less common narratives.

Insert a missing part or page.

Write fiction based on fact.