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First Day to Test Day

A Road Map to Accelerate Student Learning & Prepare for Standardized Tests



Connect read-write skills

Convert the last thought as a reader into the first thought as a writer.

Explain inferences in writing: Grades K-1
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Explain inferences in writing: Grades 2-3
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Explain inferences in writing: Grades 4-6
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Explain inferences in writing: Grades 7-12
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Take advantage of a consistent formula.

Yes, MA’AM Template

RACE Template

CER Template

Grow an anchor chart.

Anchor Chart Pieces | PDF to print | Zip file of JPEGs

Write the 1st sentence

Restate key words.

Write the 2nd and 3rd sentences

Support inferences with textual evidence.

Crystal Calloway uses these sentence starters during text-based conversation with her Bailly Elementary (Chesterton, IN) fourth graders.

Introduce evidence with blended sentences.

Write the 4th sentence

Connect the dots in a concluding statement.

Scaffold practice opportunities.

“Write” orally and with peers.


Return to previous Inference Silhouettes to convert them into constructed responses.

Elaborate on evidence

Connect elaboration to the Thinking Voice.

Introduce students to the different ways
to elaborate on a text detail.

Provide students with a “cheat sheet”
of ways to elaborate.

Hold up these sentence starters to support students when crafting read-write responses.

Basic Formula
  Black & White  PDF  |  Google Slide  |  Jamboard
Green & Yellow  PDF  |  Google Slide  |  Jamboard

With Elaboration
  Black & White  PDF  |  Google Slide  |  Jamboard
Green & Yellow  PDF Google Slide  |  Jamboard