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This is the online support page for Launching the Writer’s Workshop: Grades K-2.
The book explains how to present the lessons; this site provides all of the resources at your fingertips.
With your book in hand, find all the images, PDFs, and Notebook files mentioned section by section. (See below.)
The resources are offered in a variety of formats. To inquire about an additional version or format, please contact our office.
Thanks to all of the contributors who shared their work!

Pacing Guides

Download a yearlong pacing guide that corresponds with the Launching the Writer’s Workshop: Grades K-2 book.
Identify the copyright date on page 2 of your “red book.” Depending on which version you have (i.e., ©2015 or ©2018) the page numbers are slightly different.
Kindergarten Pacing Guide
Grade 1 Pacing Guide
Grade 2 Pacing Guide
©2015 |  ©2018

Smekens Originals

As teachers cross the digital divide, they are wanting their favorite Smekens resources to be digitized in order to meet the new constraints of in-person social distancing and at-home remote learning. Learn how to digitize Smekens Originals using Google Jamboard.