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Literacy Retreat 2017


Frame Ideas that are Developed and Organized

Target idea development and logical organization

Introduce an opinion/reason frame

This mini-lesson includes an introduction to the three basic facets of an opinion/reason frame. Access the resources seen in this video captured in Kellie Wheeler’s third grade classroom at Concord South Side Elementary School (Elkhart, IN).

Break down the facets of the frame

Practice writing frames in pairs & small groups

Transition from whole-class and small-group and partner writing activities. The T.I.P.S. strategy works great for that.

Build your own digital document using the T.I.P.S. graphics.

Generate one-paragraph summaries

Honoring the different text structures, students may need various frames. Each of these produces a single-summary paragraph.

Utilize Yes, MA’AM for constructed responses


Like all frames, introduce them whole class, and then walk them through a gradual release to student independence. Students can hone their summarizing skills by completing the Somebody…wanted…but…so…then… frame.