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Literacy Retreat 2019


Model Literacy Lessons that Move Students Toward Mastery

Best-Practice Instruction

Teach literacy skills within whole-class lessons

Identify the 4 steps of a mini-lesson

STEP 1: Puff Up the Pre-Write

STEP 2: Puff Up the Pre-Write

STEP 3: Puff Up the Pre-Write

STEP 4: Puff Up the Pre-Write

STEP 1: Purpose of Annotation

STEP 2: Purpose of Annotation

STEP 3: Purpose of Annotation

STEP 4: Purpose of Annotation

Instruction Includes models

Model— the noun

Reveal excellent examples of writing

Model— the verb

Provide instruction in multiple layers

Read the research in support of Think Alouds

Use “I” language

Use Think Aloud cards during mini-lessons.
Single Set | Set of 8 | Template

Mini-lessons include Think Aloud content in italics.
K-2 | 3-12

Classroom space & teaching logistics

Establish procedures to support effective and efficient instruction

Release responsibility

Identify who is doing the work

Shift the cognitive load

Day 1, Step 1

Day 2, Step 1

Day 3, Step 1

Day 1, Step 2

Day 2, Step 2

Day 2, Step 2

Day 1, Step 3

Day 2, Step 3

Day 3, Step 3

Day 1, Step 4

Day 2, Step 4

Day 3, Step 4

Close lessons and release responsibility