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Literacy Retreat 2019


Provide Writers with Prompt & Purposeful Feeback

“The more feedback during the process, the better students can achieve the goals.”

John Hattie, Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning

Conversations with a purpose

Focus on the writer— not the writing

How’s it Going? by Carl Anderson |
Writing Conferences Grades K-8
by Carl Anderson

Mechanics, Mobility, & Management

Hold efficient small-group conferences

Peers provide reader feedback

Keep the focus on the writer’s message

Purchase the set of Revision Conferencing Cards, which now includes What’s the writing about?

Self-reflection & evaluation

Build students’ self-awareness

Before students seek feedback from peers, make sure they have read it aloud to themselves.

Informative Word PDF
Compare-Contrast Word PDF
Technical/How-to Word PDF
Narrative Word PDF
Persuasive/Argumentative Word PDF

Summative Writing feedback

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