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Literacy Retreat 2019


Synthesize Information from Several Sources

Read for Understanding

Establish reader foundations

Decode the prompt/task

Execute a complex task

Decode the Prompt mini-lesson

Mini-Lessons Resources
PDF | Smartboard

Write to the Test Lady when no audience is identified

Access additional resources with after-reading writing prompts

Achieve the Core offers dozens of mini-assessments.

Modify writing-about-reading frames to generate reading-response prompts.

Access grade-level passages that include close-reading questions and a variety of after-reading writing tasks.

Value info from multiple sources

Maintain source-specific notes

Gain information from many different sources

The Blind Men & the Elephant

Analyze Collected Information

Combine details to synthesize new ideas

Synthesize from Multiple Sources mini-lesson. PDF Smartboard

Small-Group Activity on Christopher Columbus

Smekens Strategies to practice synthesizing ideas

Eighth graders sort the pros/cons of genetic engineering.

Anchor Chart | List of Research | Sort Activity

Bridget Longmeier (Seymour, IN) uses T-charts to collect information from multiple sources.

Organize syntheses to fit genre

Organize to fit the text structure

Utilize the Organize It Table Tent to select the appropriate order of information. Simple assembly.

Generate the written response

Support each synthesis

Blend evidence and elaboration