Learn how to use The Playbook.

Watch overview video to learn:

  • The Playbook’s purpose.
  • How it meets the college & career-ready comprehension standards.
  • How to utilize the print and digital resources.
  • How The Playbook fits within the reading block and ELA class period.
  • How The Playbook works with a district curriculum map.

    STEP 2

    Access the digital resources.

    Set up your Access account.

    Gain access to the digital resources that complement The Comprehension Playbook.

    1. Click the following link:

    2. Use the coupon code provided on the first page of your Playbook.

    3. Apply coupon and proceed to checkout.

    4. Enter required fields or log in to your account and place order.

    5. Click on My Dashboard in the upper right-hand corner and scroll down to find The Comprehension Playbook icon. 

    STEP 3

    Review FAQs under these topics:

    • Overview of parts
    • Scope & sequence
    • Standards & assessment
    • Delivering lessons
    • Choosing texts
    • Writing about reading