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Live Coaching Call: Delivering Dynamic Mini-Lessons in Writing with a focus on Step 2: The Think Aloud

In this live coaching call, Smekens Remote Coach Bridget Longmeier will provide implementation strategies to support the webPD series, “Delivering Dynamic Mini-Lessons in Writing.” Bridget will review key points from the session and then offer specific guidance for Step 2 of the mini-lesson, specifically how to do a Think Aloud. Participants will receive strategies and resources to help them plan and prepare to present a Think Aloud.

At the end of the session, Bridget will recommend “next step” videos on webPD and will field questions from attendees.  

It is recommended (but not required) that attendees view their grade-appropriate “Delivering Dynamic Mini-Lessons in Writing” session prior to the coaching call.

Duration: 27:49 | Grades K-12