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Session Content

Introduction to the workshop

Let’s get started! – Handout

Workshop Overview

Prepare Data

Utilize data to drive instruction

Step 1: Collect data

Step 1: Organize data

Reading Data Tracker

Reading Data Tracker (continued)

Step 2: Interpret data

Triangulate data, analyze readers, group students

Step 3: Establish a goal

Use a frame to state short-term goals

Step 4: Create an action plan

Determine the logistics

Step 5: Assess and repeat

If-Then Strategies

Increase comprehension


Stop and retell during reading

Retell with key details after reading

Wrap-up Retelling


Narrow down the details

Extract details onto a graphic organizer

Utilizing a T-Chart

Create an oral summary using frames


Break down the five steps

Prompt students when inferences are off track


Increase comprehension while reading

Reverse & fast forward for context clues

Incorporate Word Marks


Attend to format and punctuation

Item Knowledge

Focus on phonics principles

Build bank of known words

Practice high-frequency words

Untangle confusions with letters

Differentiate Support

Adjust level of teacher support

Conclusion - Wrap-up

Wrap Up