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Session Content

Introduction to the workshop

Let’s get started! – Handout

Workshop Overview

First 2-6 Weeks

Yearlong Vision

Rest of the Year

Synthesis and Implementation

Understand the expectations

Anchor Standards

Dissecting the learning standards

Recognize the embedded comprehension strategies

Embedded comprehension strategies (continued)

Identify the subskills

Target 7-12 comprehension skills

Target 7-12 comprehension skills (continued)

Professional texts

Layer instruction intentionally

The Spiral Approach

Recognize comprehension strategies are not equal

Teach a skill across the year

Increase independence and decrease support

Utilize Think, Ink, Pair, Square

Plot a weekly focus

Plot a weekly focus (continued)

Comprehension skill scaffold

Comprehension skill scaffold (continued)

Synthesis and Implementation

Teach reading, not texts

Text Selection

Choose texts for the study level

Synthesis and Implementation

Identify texts for each level of the instructional scaffold

Address 3 components

The First Weeks

Introduce annotation

Offer additional tools and strategies to notice and note ideas

Define the range of reading

Introduce close-reading framework

Define readers as thinkers