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Session Content

Introduction to the workshop

Let’s get started! – Handout

Utilize Common Language - REVIEW THE SIX TRAITS

Part 1: Pop Quiz

Part 2: Six-Traits basics

Part 3: Six-Traits basics (continued)

Utilize Common Language

Provide experience with different modes

Provide experience with different stages

Apply the traits in all writing units

Provide consistency between the writing modes

Common Language wrap-up

Develop a Yearlong Vision

Acknowledge the “trump” traits

Identifying key traits in the modes of writing

Persuasive Writing

Argumentative Writing

Yearlong Vision wrap-up

Spiral through the modes

Consider the big picture

Plan with intention

Weave in the Traits

Reference traits when reading

Mentor texts

Write for readers

Apply the Six Traits to the writing process

Weave in the Traits wrap-up

Assess the Traits with Rubrics

Understand rubric basics

Practice building a rubric

Create a kid-friendly assessment tool

Grow the writing rubric

Update the same rubric all year long

Convert analytic scores to grades

Convert holistic scores to grades

Assess the Traits wrap-up

Conclusion - Wrap-up