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Session Content

Introduction to the workshop

Let’s get started! – Handout

Yearlong Vision

Overview of Sections

Teach three major modes of writing

Compare persuasion to argument

Scaffold argumentative genres

Genres & formats

Teaching the argumentative writing standard

Introducing the academic standards

Diving into academic standards

Unit Considerations

Focus on the “trump” traits

Utilizing writing genre posters

Unit Foundations

Identify topic & Study an issue

Writing-about-reading topics

Add strategies to yearlong vision

Consider multiple perspectives/opinions

Identify author perspectives in informational text

Secret Site Resources

Identifying sides

Take a position

Add strategies to yearlong vision

Logical Reasoning

Introduce the opinion or claim

Write a topic/thesis statement

Add strategies to yearlong vision

Provide supporting reasons

Support your side

List the What and the Why using high-interest text

Follow the What & Why structure

Provide solid support

Add strategies to yearlong vision

Distinguish between claim, reasons, and evidence

Support your side with sufficient proof

Use the “Character” Report Card

Add strategies to yearlong vision

Message Polishing

Order reasons for maximum effect

Acknowledge the opposition

Provide counterclaim and reasons

Transition between key points

End memorably and expressively

Conclusion - Wrap-up