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Session Content

Introduction to the workshop

Let’s get started! – Handout

Workshop Overview

Yearlong Vision

Teach the three major writing modes

“Mother lode” unit versus multiple mini-units

Mini-units spread across the year

Unit Considerations

Redefine the end products

Select a format to fit the depth of knowledge

Meet the academic standards

Focus on the “trump” traits

Identify a topic

Introduce informative writing

Unit Foundations

Information comes from sources

Recognize relevant sources

Add skills to the yearlong calendar

List facts & details

Information Gathering

Track information and sources

Utilize digital sources

Collect facts from experiences

Add skills to the yearlong calendar

Identify and note important information

List multiple facts and details

Organize related information

Utilize a Dissected-Web, T-Chart, and Storyboard

Practice grouping and organizing

Practice grouping and organizing, cont.

Add skills to the yearlong calendar

Utilize “A Fun Magic Coloring Book”

Elaboration & Cohesion

Define developed writing

Introduce “leg details” that support “table top” ideas

Add skills to the yearlong calendar

Incorporate expert quotes

Define paraphrasing

Identify the relationship between ideas

Identify the relationship among paragraphs/sections

Add skills to the yearlong calendar

Craft an introduction

Conclude the information

Conclusion - Wrap-up