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Session Content

Introduction to the workshop

Let’s get started! – Handout

Workshop Overview

Yearlong Vision

Dissect the anchor standards for comprehension strategies

Launch the strategies & then spiral instruction

Comprehension Introductions

Strategy #1: Define the strategy verbally and visually

Strategy #2: Reveal a real-world experience

Strategy # 3: Model your Thinking Voice via a Read Aloud

Strategies # 4, 5, & 6: Sing the comprehension song, reveal the hand signals, use a movie clip

Use visual triggers

Strategy # 7: Grow a yearlong bulletin board

The Rest of the Year

Provide explicit strategy instruction

Retell and Summarize

Recall details in chunks

Recall details

Retell details

Summarize text

Identify characteristics of text structures

Track across a text

Determine the Main Idea

Discern topic & main idea and explicit & implicit ideas

Determine and use details to infer main idea

Identify revelations and life lessons/theme

Use visual triggers

Visualize Author Ideas

Compare, root, & juggle visualizations

Edit visualizations

“See” evolving story elements

Question Author Choices

Generate, question, & evaluate the argument

Connect Within & Among Texts

Connect and compare the text

Compare texts & fact v. fiction

Synthesize Within & Among Texts

Recognize, generate, & present a synthesis

Conclusion - Wrap-up