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Pre-Conference Literacy Retreat 2012


Understanding How Reading & Writing are Reciprocal

Blurring the Literacy Lines

Teacher Resources:

  • FOCUS: Elevating the Essentials To Radically Improve Student Learning, M Schmoker
  • How to Read a Book, M Adler & C Van Doren
  • I Read It, But I Don’t Get It, Cris Tovani
  • Reading/Writing Connections in the K-2 Classroom, Leah Mermelstein

Check out the Favorites List for picture books listed by genre and developmental stages.

Introduce your students to their Reading Voice and Thinking Voice using this caricature. Remember to explain the color significance. Green–go through the text with your Reading Voice. Yellow-slowly thinking about what the text is saying using your Thinking Voice. And always stop for a red light and a Distracting Voice.