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Summit Hill | Constructed-Response Writing


Write About Reading

SESSION 5  |  Grades 3-12 / ELL Levels 3-5 | HANDOUT

Improve extended responses

Start with the prompt

The Writing-About-Reading Frames include over two dozen
typical prompts seen on standardized assessments.

Achieve the Core offers dozens of mini-assessments.

Decode the prompt.

Decode the Prompt mini-lesson

Mini-Lesson Resources PDF
Jamboards | Spiders | Solar System

Connected to Reader Voices
Grades 2-6 | Grades 7-12

Visualize body paragraphs based on the prompt’s genre and text structure.

Recognize the essential skills per mode.

Stack several constructed responses.

Adapt the Yes, MA’AM strategy to fit the requirements of an extended reading response.

Stacked Constructive Response Paragraphs |  Earth Day

Readers recognize extended responses as several stacked constructed responses.

MAAM  Google Slide | JamboardPDF
  RACE  Google Slide | Jamboard | PDF
   CER    Google Slide | Jamboard | PDF

Create a complete product

Readers generate an academic introduction and conclusion.

This Teaching Channel video introduces the parts of an essay, including how to rework the prompt to serve as the introduction.