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SESSION 2  |  Grades K-12 / ELL  |  Handout

Demystify context clues

Introduce types of clues authors provide

Help students determine the meaning of unfamiliar words.

Teach students to look for clues before, after, and inside the word.

Apply context clues during reading

Tie the explicit teaching of context clues to the reading process.

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Readers question & predict word meanings.

Literacy eLessons – Lesson 4:

Grades K-1: Vimeo | YouTube

Grades 2-3: Vimeo | YouTube

Grades 4-6: Vimeo | YouTube

Grades 7-12: Vimeo | YouTube

Provide various experiences for practice

Add a vocabulary cartoon to your bell-ringer warm-ups or morning-work tasks.

Provide a daily dose of context clues practice with the Vocabulary Cartoon of the Day series.

Have students record incidental words they bump into and the clues that helped them.

Increase students’ awareness of context clues by teaching them to include definition details within their own writing using these lesson resources.