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SESSION 1  |  Grades K-12 / ELL  |  Handout

Redefine research experiences

Integrate frequent research experiences

Honor the process over the product.

Execute research in groups, with partners, or individually.

Seek an answer to a question—through research

Build knowledge about a topic

Establish a general understanding of a new unit or topic—through research.

Provide students a means of collecting fast facts.

Challenge partners to collect 10 facts about a new concept in 10 minutes. (Use this graphic to announce the task.)

Challenge small groups to find as many ABC facts
(about a new topic) as they can in 5 minutes.
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Deepen understanding further—through research.

Question “facts” and bust myths—through research.

Keep track of which sources provided what information.

Expertise does not come from reading one text.

Fine-tune online searching skills

Read from relevant sources.

Navigate the internet.