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SESSION 1  |  Grades K-12 / ELL  |  Handout

Honor all components identified within the science of reading

Dissect the reading process

Connect the 5 components to the reader voices.

Start readers on the island of decoding

Target phonemic awareness and phonics.

Move readers across the bridge of fluency

Recognize the link between decoding and comprehension.

Fine-tune a reader’s appropriate reading rate and phrasing.

Practice reading punctuation while adding expression with the What’s My Voice Fluency cards.
Available in grade-level specific digital downloads.

Teach students to chunk words into phrases.

Poems are usually shorter passages that give students the chance to practice phrasing and attending to punctuation.

Start up the year with fluency expectations

Teach fluency procedures and skills during the first weeks.

Build an anchor chart to define the procedures for Echo Reading.

Build an anchor chart to show how the reader’s voice adjusts for punctuation.

Advance readers to the island of comprehension

Target 4 types of vocabulary in every grade level.

The standards expect students to acquire domain-specific terms, attend to general-academic words, recognize roots words, and apply context clues.