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SESSION 2  |  Grades K-12 / ELL All Levels | HANDOUT

Assign writing-time tasks

Provide You-do writing experiences

After each mini-lesson and before the final product—scaffold writer tasks.

Each writing lesson within Launching the Writer’s Workshop provides a suggested Writing-Time task. Grades K-2 | Grades 3-12

Notice & name the skill within authentic text.

Provide visual images for students to try the skill.

Use photos as the springboard for students to list examples of grammar skills, figurative language, sentence types, and more!

Use the same images for different skills. | These are from page 85 in the Launching the Writer’s Workshop: Grades K-2

List several potential problems and solutions for the same photo.

List examples before expecting integration into sentences.

Generate a grocery list of details. | Mini-Lesson Gist | Example

Return to previous writings to insert the skill.