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SESSION 5  |  Grades 2-12 / ELL Levels 3-5 | HANDOUT

Improve math writing

Vary math-writing experiences

Teach technical reading.

Students in all grade levels and all subject areas read and think about texts.

Introduce students to their Reading & Thinking Voices.

Find the story in the problem.

Write your own math story problems.

Provide a photo for students to create a math problem.

Pie eating contest photo | Student A | Student B | Student C

Show your work—step by step.

Students write their explanations while they are solving the problem.

Explain individual terms using the Information Pyramid.

Prove/Justify your answer or choice.

Use the constructed-response formula.

Students choose which one doesn’t belong using their Reading and Thinking Voices. Then argue their decision in writing.

Argue where a fictitious student made an error.