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Super Saturday
Writing Conference


SESSION 4  |  Grades 3-12 / ELL Levels 3-5


Note & annotate reader thoughts

Document the whispers of the Thinking Voice

Readers actively engage with texts.

Jot thinking adjacent to the author’s ideas

When lifting information out of the text, students take notes on what the text says and means.

Says & Means
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Quotes & Notes
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After reading chapters 3-4 of Abby Takes a Stand, Kristi Burbank’s fourth graders continued to practice applying their Reading and Thinking Voices. Before the all-class read aloud and activity, Kristi typed the SAYS side in preparation for students to add their thoughts to the MEANS side. (Students then finished reading Chapter 4 and recorded their individual Reading and Thinking Voices.)

Gain information from many different  sources

The Blind Men & the Elephant

Value Multiple Sources lesson clip Smartboard

Annotate across multiple texts

View a grade four mini-lesson executed on coding across texts.
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