Best-practice strategies for
teaching reading & writing

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Getting Started with the Six Traits of Writing

4 hours 34 minutes

Six-Traits Mini-Lessons for Daily Writing Instruction

2 hours 12 minutes

Plan & Implement Dynamic Comprehension Mini-Lessons

2 hours 23 minutes

Starting up Small-Group Guided Reading Groups

3 hours 58 minutes

Setting Procedures to Manage Literacy Stations During the Reading Block

4 hours 30 minutes

Getting Started with the Six Traits of Writing

4 hours 23 minutes

Building a Kid-Friendly Writing Rubric with the Six Traits

1 hour 10 minutes

Introducing Comprehension Strategies to Your Students

2 hours 21 minutes

Ramping up the Rigor in Your Reading Lessons

2 hours 14 minutes

Strategies to Increase Students’ Reading Assessment Test Scores

1 hour 1 minute

Getting Started with the Six Traits of Writing

3 hours 56 minutes

Six-Traits Mini-Lessons for Daily Writing Instruction

3 hours 7 minutes

Delivering Dynamic Comprehension Mini-Lessons

2 hours 22 minutes

Integrating Literacy Skills into the Content Areas

1 hour 46 minutes

Immersing Students in Complex Texts for More Rigorous Reading

2 hours 16 minutes

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Get Answers to Popular Questions

Am I allowed to share my webPD subscription with others?
Allowing others to access your personal online webPD subscription is prohibited. However, schools may purchase a building-wide subscription to allow every teacher to have their own personal account.
Are webPD videos appropriate for all-staff PD sessions?
Absolutely! In fact, many building-wide subscribers pull the entire staff together to watch videos as a group.
How often are new videos added?
The webPD video collection is always growing! In fact, we add new content approximately once each week.
Can I get continuing education credits for watching webPD videos?

Yes! Once you complete a webPD video, you’ll receive a downloadable completion certificate reflecting the time you spent learning. Certificates are stored in your personal profile and can be downloaded when you are ready to pursue continuing education credit.

Can I pursue graduate-level credit after watching webPD videos?
Unfortunately, we do not currently offer graduate-level credits for webPD subscribers.