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Welcome to webPD by Smekens Education, where you have on-demand access to more than 150 professional learning videos.

If you’re ready to enhance what you’re already doing to build successful readers and writers, you’re going to love the simple and effective strategies you’ll find on webPD.

Each of the videos on webPD is led by either Kristina Smekens, our president and lead consultant, or Kristi McCullough, our expert in elementary reading.

Both Kristina and Kristi are full-time literacy consultants who pull from their own classroom experience, plus researched best practices, to share practical strategies that work.

webPD screen shotYou're subscribed to the “Flexible View”

You have been registered for our “Flexible View” subscription option, which means that you have the flexibility to fast forward, or jump ahead during any video, if you choose to do so.

So, on future instances when you login to the site, you will see that there are two video subscription options available – the Flexible View and the Verified View. You will want to select the blue “Flexible View” option.

After you click on Flexible View, you will see the ribbon on the corner of each session that says “Registered.”


Selecting a video

The next step is to select a video to watch. You’ll notice that videos can be sorted by a variety of categories to make it easier for you to narrow your selection.

But beyond the obvious categories, you can also use the search function located in the corner of your screen. This will help you to locate videos that focus on a specific area of interest.

As you are browsing the video selection, you will notice that each video is labeled as either a “Planned PD” or a “Quick Clip.”

Planned PD videos are longer, and you will want to plan ahead in order to block out time to view the session. These longer videos always include a downloadable handout that you can use to take notes.


The Quick Clip videos are short and can typically be viewed in just 5-7 minutes. While the quick clips don’t include a note-taking handout, they almost always include a corresponding article, along with a downloadable teaching tool.


After you’ve selected a video to watch, simply start with the first section and begin viewing. Once you’re viewing the session, you can navigate by clicking “NEXT” or “PREVIOUS” or by using the OUTLINE feature.


Viewing history

After you have completed an entire webPD session, you’ll notice that the ribbon on the top right corner of the session image will change from “REGISTERED” to “COMPLETE.”

Beyond this visual reminder, you can also visit your personal profile. Here you’ll find a full list of the videos included with your subscription, along with the completion status of each video.



At any point during your subscription, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with your questions.  Our email address is webPD@smekenseducation.com, and our toll-free telephone number is 888-376-0448.

Happy viewing!