writing essentials: genre-based writing instruction

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Target essential skills

Plan narrative-writing experiences.

Narrative writing has a place in the ELA standards and in the real world.

Define the shape of stories

Clarify story versus description.

Introduce Set up, Mix up, Fix up and provide writing templates for primary students.

Identify the planning tool your students are most familiar with.

Ride the Story Plot
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3-Box:  PDF Jamboard
5-Box:  PDF  |  Jamboard
9-Box:  PDF  |  Jamboard

Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then
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Start with the middle

Plan the character’s problem and solution.

Plan the beginning last

Orient the reader with a beginning.

Provide only the most essential character and setting details.

GRADE 3 | View the complete mini-lesson and follow-up activity.

Generate narrative-writing tasks

Move beyond personal narratives.

Expose students to four types of narrative-writing tasks that are all rooted in reading.

Comprehend the original text.

Continue the story following a similar plot.

Rewrite the same basic plot.

Rewrite the story from a different perspective.

Fractured Fairy Tales for Rewrite from a different point of view

After the Fall for Continue the story |
We Forgot Brock for Insert the Missing Page

Experiment with less common narratives.

Insert a missing part or page.

Write fiction based on fact.