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Literacy Retreat 2018


Decode the Elusive “Relationship Standard”

Clarify expectation

Authors weave parts together to create the whole piece.

Track one facet or story element

Start with what students know–summarization.

Capture the most important information from a text on an ABC Chart. Then organize the information in order from beginning to end.

18″ x 24″ poster       |       PDF       |       Word Template       |       Promethean Board version       |       Smartboard Notebook version

Identify one facet of a text and track it from beginning to end.

Track Mean Jean in The Recess Queen

Track Vashti in The Dot

Use “x-ray vision” to identify all the details for one facet.

Practice tracking 1 facet

Facilitate whole-class experiences with anchor charts and laminated templates.

Edulastic allows teachers to search for technologically-enhanced questions and to create their own utilizing over 30 different formats…all for free!

Next Generation Assessments offers free interactive online activities that simulate technology tasks students complete on standardized assessments.

Track INDIVIDUAL characteristics

Authors develop individuals throughout the text using various details.

Track a single individual and what he does, says, & thinks in the beginning, middle, and end of the text

Track SETTING characteristics

Authors develop settings throughout the text using various details.

Track IDEA & EVENT characteristics

Authors develop ideas and events throughout the text using various details.

Make an inference about the details

Add up the collected details and draw a conclusion.

Track elements & describe “relationships”

Track two interacting elements within the same text.

Track three interacting elements within the same text.

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