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SESSION 4  |  Grades 3-12  |  Handout

Synthesize to produce extended responses

Recognize the depths of thinking

Synthesize from Multiple Sources mini-lesson. PDF Smartboard

Synthesize in two steps

STEP 1: Collect details from each text.

STEP 2: Combine details from multiple texts.

Students can work independently or collaboratively using the digital version made with Google Jamboard.
Evidence Bag | Synthesis Poster

Guide students to combine multiple ideas

Access synthesis examples.

Kobe Bryant Character Traits | Texts | Synthesis Jamboard

President George Bush Character Traits | Texts | Synthesis Jamboard

Achieve the Core offers dozens of mini-assessments.

Organize syntheses to fit the genre

Decode the read-write prompt.

Stack several constructed responses.

The Yes, MA’AM strategy can be adapted
to fit the requirements of an extended reading response.

Stacked Constructive Response Paragraphs |  Earth Day

MAAM  Google Slide | JamboardPDF
  RACE  Google Slide | Jamboard | PDF
   CER    Google Slide | Jamboard | PDF