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Grades K-12 / ELL All Levels | Handout

Reading Lessons Redefined

Provide direct instruction

Deliver daily mini-lessons utilizing the 4-step architecture.

Observe the 4 steps of a mini-lesson.

Step 1: Character impacts plot

Step 2A: Character impacts plot

Step 2B: Character impacts plot

Step 3: Character impacts plot

Step 4: Character impacts plot

STEP 1: Purpose of Annotation

STEP 2: Purpose of Annotation

STEP 3: Purpose of Annotation

STEP 4: Purpose of Annotation

Emphasize Step 2: Instruction

Make lessons visible.

Provide instruction via Think Alouds.

Use “I” language.

PRIZE: Capture your thinking! Silhouette Head | BW | Color
PORTRAIT Silhouette Head with lines | BW | Color — LANDSCAPE Silhouette Head with lines | BW | Color

Establish procedures to support effective and efficient instruction.