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SESSION 1  |  Grades K-12  |  Handout

Advance beyond retelling/summarizing in literature

Build anchor charts

Recognize & recall text details per story element

Retell the story in order

Introduce Set-up, Mix-up, Fix-up and provide writing templates for primary students.

Rising action builds tension, making the problem bigger, harder, or more impossible to solve.

Connect the individual story elements to their placements within the Story Structure.

Summarize the most important details in order

Infer a character’s traits

Clarify character description from character development.

Visualize a character’s development and evolution through a story.

Track a character from beginning to end to infer consistent traits.

Clarify character feelings versus character traits.

Support a character trait with textual evidence on a Character Web.

Identify themes

Infer the author’s message through the changing of the character.

Identify significant choices or pivotal moments in a character’s life.

Define a “lesson.”

Introduce 3 types of lessons.

Transition from lesson to theme.