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SESSION 4  |  Grades 2-12 / ELL  |  Handout

Apply comprehension strategies when solving word problems

Read every story problem 3 times

Introduce the close-reading framework.

1. GLASSES: Read for an overall understanding of what you are solving for.

Close Reading Eyeglasses

2. MICROSCOPE: Zoom in to notice the little words, symbols, and details.

Close Reading Microscope

3. TELESCOPE: Zoom out to integrate comprehension with computation.

Close Reading Telescope
Close Reading Triggers

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Readers persevere through difficult text

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Focus on thinking

Revise the reading habits of mathematicians.

Apply the mathematician’s Reading Voice & Thinking Voice.

Decipher the message

Fluently translate numbers and symbols to words.

Emphasize little words with big meaning.

Resources from the Grade 5 math lesson featured below
PDF Smartboard

Student handout used within the lesson video below

Read for the little words in story problems.
Mini-Lesson Resources | PDF Smartboard

Find the story in the problem

Utilize ELA background to identify the story elements within a math situation.

Remove the numbers.