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Unit Essentials

SESSION 5  |  Grades K-12 / ELL All Levels | HANDOUT

Know the narrative non-negotiables

Introduce the writing modes

Tie the three major writing standards to the author’s purpose.

Purchase additional narrative-writing resources.

Honor that stories require conflict

Introduce Setup, Mix-up, Fix-up and provide writing templates for primary students.

Utilize the planning tool your students are most familiar with.

Start with the middle

Brainstorm different types of problems based on the characters within each setting.

Plan problems for photos | Grades PK-1

Plan problems for photos | Grades 2-3

Plan problems for photos | Grades 4-12

Determine the solution

Orient the reader with a beginning

Determine who will face the problem.

Anchor the problem in a setting.

WHEN includes time of day and time of year (seasons).

WHERE includes physical location and surrounding activity/senses.