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Super Saturday
Writing Conference



SESSION 5  |  Grades K-12 / ELL All Levels


Convert the writer’s workshop from in-person to virtual

Execute a writer’s workshop regardless of the classroom setting.

Establish procedures for the three parts of the workshop.

Honor the authentic aspects of a virtual writer’s workshop.

Deliver explicit instruction via whole-class mini-lessons.

Provide direct and visual instruction.

Deliver mini-lessons so that students can see you and your thinking.

Provide for an engaging We do experience.

Conclude live lessons with an Exit Ticket.

Transition from direct instruction to independent Writing Time.

Communicate information about writing task and conference attendees.

Reveal the Must-Do independent task.

Define tasks with icons:
Must-Do | May-Do
Catch-Up | Word doc

Create simple videos to outline the one-sitting task and communicate it to the class.

Hold writer conferences.

Sample virtual conference

Conclude writer’s workshop with a virtual Author’s Chair.

Highlight writer attempts and achievements.