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Writing After a Close Reading


Quick Links

Research-Writing Tasks

Provide simulated research tasks

Build text sets

Collect info from multiple sources

The Blind Men & the Elephant

Value Multiple Sources mini-lesson

Juggle multiple texts

Synthesize— Don’t summarize

Pass the Synthesis Test

Synthesize from Multiple Sources mini-lesson. PDF Smartboard

Small-Group Activity on Christopher Columbus

Infer multiple reasons or main ideas

Observe a 30-minute lesson and activity executed in a Concord Junior High science class.

Pre-write according to the genre

Utilize the Organize It Table Tent to select the appropriate order of information. Simple assembly.

Sort information per viewpoint

Align with the strongest side

Collect details for all perspectives

Identify details, facts, pros/cons, strengths/weaknesses, etc. for all sides.

Choose a side in 4 steps

Move away from letting kids choose a side based on preference. Rather, teach them the four steps to identifying the strongest position.

Watch the kindergartners at Concord South Elementary discern between duck details and rabbit details based on Duck! Rabbit!

Teach students to first chart the perspectives before choosing a position to align with.

Write about reading in K-2

Write responses with evidence

webPD: Writing After a Close Reading