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Readers apply

Week 1

Introduce Reading Voice & Thinking Voice.

Texts suggested by teachers | Grades K-2 | Grades 3-5 | Grades 6-12

Build stamina during You-do tasks.

After each mini-lesson this first week, engage in a little You-do experience where readers use their Thinking Voices and then stop and share their thinking with a peer.

Provide students mini-signs
Color | Black & White | Spanish

Apply reader voices to nonfiction texts.

Read all text types.

Grades 7-12 Mini-Lesson Resources

Read visual texts.

Define what counts as evidence within visual texts.

Analyze photos, illustrations, and political cartoons for people/subjects, actions/activites, and setting/objects.

Within video clips/movie excerpts, use the 2-column T-Chart to note the audio and visual details.

Read digital texts.

Relate a reader’s actions in print text to the moves in digital texts.

Read video texts.

Set the viewing purpose for each “read” of a video.