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Delivering Explicit & Engaging Comprehension Mini-Lessons


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First 2-6 Weeks

Define readers as thinkers

Define the range of reading

Establish reader’s workshop procedures

The Rest of the Year

Spiral through the six typed of inferences

Comprehension Road Maps now included in The Comprehension Playbook.

Common Core K-5 | 6-12 
Indiana K-5 | 6-12
Ohio K-5 | 6-12
Oklahoma PK-7

FIRST WEEKS Strategy Introduction

Define the strategy verbally and visually

Reveal a real-world experience

Model your thinking via a read aloud

Download suggested picture books listed by grade-level appropriateness.

This list includes literature and informational text suggestions.
“The Carpet Fitter” is an urban legend that is referenced within this document.

The title listed within the 4-page download are available at The Literacy Store.

Reveal the comprehension hand signals

Teach students the comprehension hand motions that Dr. Cathy Collins Block created and outlined within her PowerPoint.
Students can use these gestures to communicate how they are thinking about the text.