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SESSION 5  |  Grades K-12 / ELL  |  Handout

Dive deep into digital texts

Alter students’ mindsets & mental efforts

Analyze the research for on-screen reading.

For research and rationale that support the strategies Kristina shared during this session, check out these resources.

Broaden the application of the Reading Voice.

Target DIGITAL PRINT text skills

Translate text features.

Relate a reader’s actions in print text to the moves in digital texts.

Limit reader distractions.

Avoid temptations by removing the clutter using one of these Chrome extensions.


  • Postlight Reader removes ads and distractions, leaving only text and images for a clean and consistent reading view on every site.
  • Easy Reader can customize and improve the readability of any portion of a long web article.
  • BeeLine Reader doesn’t remove but dims distracting elements and makes it easier to focus.

Track the reading journey.

When reading on a screen, create a physical map of information on scratch paper.

Target VISUAL & AUDIO text skills

Read various genres of visual text.

Model how the eye moves and the brain thinks through these texts.

Take purposeful notes.

Plan for multiple readings.

Target MULTIMODAL text skills

Utilize quick commercials, video shorts, and movie clips.

Close reading happens when the reader focuses on a 1-3 minute clip.

Set the viewing purpose for each “read” of a video.

Provide opportunities for students to practice with high-interest clips.