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Write About Reading

SESSION 2  |  Grades 3-12 / ELL Levels 3-5 | HANDOUT

Write polished constructed responses

Write the answer/inference first

Slides Silhouette plus Constructed Response XL

Google Slide | Make the inference and use the details to write the response.

Take advantage of a consistent formula.

Photocopy the bookmark sheets back to back and cut them individually. Students use the FRONT when practicing BASIC constructed-responses and the BACK after learning the ingredients to a more POLISHED response. BOOKMARKSRACE | Yes, MA’AM | CER

Utilizing the same colors, Melinda Dittmer added DOs & DON’Ts to support her Isom third graders (Greenwood, IN).

Explain inferences in writing.

Write the 1st sentence

Restate key words.

Yes, MA’AM Template

RACE Template

CER Template

Write the 2nd & 3rd sentences

Support inferences with textual evidence.

Introduce evidence with blended sentences.

Write the 4th sentence

Connect the dots in a concluding statement.

American Colonist Resources

Return to previous Inference Silhouettes to convert them into constructed responses.

Insert elaboration

Connect elaboration to the Thinking Voice.

Readers comment on their own evidence and pump up their writing.

Introduce students to the different ways
to elaborate on a text detail.

Provide students with a “cheat sheet”
of ways to elaborate.

Readers blend evidence and elaboration.

Basic Formula
  Black & White  PDF  |  Google Slide  |  Jamboard
Green & Yellow  PDF  |  Google Slide  |  Jamboard

With Elaboration
  Black & White  PDF  |  Google Slide  |  Jamboard
Green & Yellow  PDF Google Slide  |  Jamboard