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Super Saturday
Writing Conference



SESSION 4  |  Grades 3-12 / ELL Levels 3-5


Raise the rigor from short to long reading responses

Transition from summarizing to inferring to synthesizing

Restate what was learned about a topic from several sources (e.g., encyclopedia, traditional report).

Make multiple inferences from a single source (e.g., literary analysis, argumentative analysis, evaluation).

Combine details from multiple sources to synthesize reasons or ideas NOT stated by any of the authors.

Students cannot write an extended response based on a synthesis until they can write a constructed response from an inference.

The Yes, MA’AM strategy can be adapted
to fit the requirements of an extended reading response.

MAAM  Google Slide | JamboardPDF
  RACE  Google Slide | Jamboard | PDF
   CER    Google Slide | Jamboard | PDF

Decode the prompt to fit the task

Decode the Prompt mini-lesson

Mini-Lesson Resources
PDF | Smartboard

Create a complete product

This Teaching Channel video introduces the parts of an essay, including how to rework the prompt to serve as the introduction.

Provide opportunities for simulated research tasks

Achieve the Core offers dozens
of mini-assessments.

Modify writing-about-reading frames to
generate reading-response prompts.