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Readers analyze

Infer the perspective of one character

Broaden students’ vocabulary of feeling words.

Use emojis to demonstrate shades of common feeling words.

Collect the F.A.S.T. Fact clues that authors use to hint at perspective.

Switzerland County HS teacher Chloe Vanover introduced her students to the types of details that imply character perspective.
Here is a description of her lesson and Now-it’s-your-turn sorting activity.

Teacher Resource | K-4 FAST Facts

Teacher Resource | Grades 5-12 FAST Facts

Collect the FAST Facts for a Character | Template

Allow perspective to impact the reader’s voice, fluency, and expression.

Practice reading punctuation while adding expression with the What’s My Voice Fluency cards.
Available in grade-level specific digital downloads.

Compare the perspectives of two characters

JPEGs | Blue Hat | Red Hat

Grades K-6 | PDF | Google Slide Jamboard
Grades 7-12 | PDF | Google SlideJamboard

Read literature that reveals multiple character perspectives.