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Unit Essentials

SESSION 4  |  Grades 2-12 / ELL Levels 3-5 | HANDOUT

Meet the argumentative standard

Introduce the writing modes

Tie the three major writing standards to the author’s purpose.

Purchase additional argumentative-writing resources.

Choose a position in 4 steps.

Teach students to first chart the perspectives before choosing a position.

Collect details for all perspectives.

Identify details, facts, pros/cons, strengths/weaknesses, etc. for all sides.

Reasons are inferred from details collected.

Trace author argument.
PDF  | Jamboard

Identify the claim + 3 reasons.
PDF  | Jamboard

Identify the claim + 3 reasons
+ counterclaim.
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Order reasons for maximum effect—2, 3, 1.

Step 2B Think Aloud model

Graphic Organizers | Persuasive | Argumentative

Transition from persuasive to argumentative.