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Unit Essentials

SESSION 3  |  Grades 3-12 / ELL Levels 3-5 | HANDOUT

Target informative writing skills

Introduce the writing modes

Tie the three major writing standards to the author’s purpose.

Purchase additional informative-writing resources.

Launching the Writer's Workshop

Launching the Writer’s Workshop
K-2 | 3-12

Conduct initial research to learn about the topic

Read from relevant sources

Navigate the internet

Change the purpose to fit the text structure

PROMPT | Explain a school day from beginning to end.

PROMPT | Describe the facets of a typical school day.

PROMPT | Compare student tasks to those of a teacher.

Introduce consistent and flexible graphic organizers to use in all grade levels and all content areas.

3-Box:  PDF  | Jamboard
5-Box:  PDF  | Jamboard
9-Box:  PDF  | Jamboard

Web | PDF
Dissected Web | PDF
JamboardExample  |  Google Slide

T-Chart: PDF | Jamboard