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Literacy Retreat 2014


Developing Ideas in a First Draft

Define the goal for students

Use concrete triggers to introduce the concept of developing an idea.

Adjust your teacher-talk to encourage students to elaborate with developed sentences, not merely detail words.

Mini-Lesson Videos:

K: Four Types of Picture Details

GRADE 1: Pump up your writing

GRADE 4: Tables & legs

GRADE 6: Pump up your writing

HIGH SCHOOL: Tables & legs

[20 ways to develop narrative writing]

Although the Retreat session focused on expository and argumentative writing, there are different details to develop in a narrative story. For specific ways to develop narratives, check out our archived article in the Learning Center.

6 ways to develop expository/argumentative writing

Model how to add details

Utilize the gradual release of responsibility to teach students how to utilize each type of detail you introduce. This will require demonstrating with several examples and executing multiple Think Alouds.

Develop ideas via revision (Revising)

Think before you write (Pre-writing)

GRADE 1: Recall & retell using the ABC Chart.

GRADE 4: Expound on pre-write within the first draft.

GRADE 7: Pre-write with grocery list.

GRADE 6: Add & clarify ideas through peer revision.

Graphic organizers to support the pre-writing process: