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Literacy Retreat 2019


Mix Mediums to Build a Balanced Reader & Writer

From paper to digital

Classrooms must include digital literacy instruction and experiences

Balancing paper and digital

Align the level of skill mastery with the targeted medium

Reading skills

Access online texts from favorite resources

Target fluency by increasing reading rate

Utilize Fry’s Phrases to help students gain automaticity with common phrases.
Set 1 PPT | Google Slides
Set 2 PPT | Google Slides
Set 3 PPT | Google Slides

Make a ring of the 3 Fry Phrase Set.

Study habits of gamers

What are kids learning from games, and how can this be useful to their teachers?

Nadine Gilkison created these Google slides as a part of a classroom lesson.

Annotate within the text

Writing skills

First teach pre-writing concretely— with paper-based tools

Kindergartners learn three ways to organize information. Smartboard | PDF

Introduce consistent and flexible graphic organizers

Then move to digital pre-writing using a digital notepad

Apply changes first with physical tools and then digital ones